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Conference Context

Transform 2022: Connection & Collaboration will provide opportunities to reconnect with each other in a nurturing and regenerative space, so that we may decompress, enjoy each other’s company, connect the dots between different opportunities in front of us, and forge new pathways for nurturing the transformation that we can see on the horizon.

Last year at this time, we were one year into the pandemic and adjusting to how the ground had shifted beneath our feet. The pandemic heightened our sensitivity to the fragility of our social, economic and environmental systems, and increased our willingness to break our ‘sectoral bubbles’ while still confined to our social ones. We explored all of this and more during our 2021 Virtual Conference, Transform 2021: Bubble-breaking and Sense-making.

Today, with a deepened understanding of the interconnectedness between other change movements and ours, and an ever-increasing urgency to respond to the intensifying climate and biodiversity crises, many of us are now actively and collectively working toward environmental change grounded in:

  • Justice, equity, and Indigenous rights
  • Trust-based philanthropy and deep relationships
  • Grassroots, community-led innovation
  • Responsible asset investment

But despite these positive shifts, many of us continue to feel exhausted, weary, and disconnected from each other. We are increasingly concerned about the instability of the world around us due to polarization and attacks on democracy, the intensifying impacts of climate change and ecosystem collapse, heightened economic fluctuations, the ongoing global pandemic, war, the escalating mental health crisis, and the exponential growth in wealth inequities.

In the face of such uncertainty, we must actively create and safeguard opportunities for connection to each other and to nature. It is from these nurturing and generative collaborative experiences that new systems and new ways of solving old problems emerge.

Solving our environmental challenges requires transformative action; tinkering around the edges of our current systems will not suffice. We must rebuild a thriving, resilient, wellbeing economy where wealth and power are distributed equitably, resources are extracted and consumed sustainably, and our social systems and infrastructure are guided by a deep abiding commitment to justice.

There has never been a more critical time for building a wave of change that can push us toward a more stable and sustainable world. There has also never been a more pressing need to increase the effectiveness of our approaches to realizing this mission. We have a unique opportunity to strengthen the relationships and networks that are foundational to our collective efforts. We hope you will join us in this special place!

Conference Program

Transform 2022: Connection & Collaboration is being intentionally designed to promote:

  • Connection: Provide a space to enhance relationships, enable relaxation, and foster regeneration through connection to nature and each other
  • Collaboration: Facilitate opportunities for formal and informal funder collaboration and information-sharing
  • Transformation: Orient funder attention to key sectoral gaps (as identified in EFC’s strategic plan) that require additional attention to collectively spur transformation:
    • Equitable engagement with a larger, more diverse cross-section of Canadians to mobilize intersectional environmental action and shift cultural values
    • Responsible and mission-aligned asset investment
    • Increased power and resources for grassroots, community-led, youth-led solutions that address intersecting climate, biodiversity, democratic, and economic challenges
    • Strategic, trust-based grantmaking
    • A transition from the status quo economy to a just and regenerative economy that prioritizes community wellbeing

Interested in learning more? Below you will find program information which will include session times and descriptions, speaker information with bios (click the hyperlinks), conference sponsors, and more.

Please note that because of continued COVID uncertainty and our focus on funder connection, our external speakers will be joining us for their sessions virtually. And while we may look at the possibility of streaming the plenary sessions (or at least will record them for posting on EFC’s members-only site), our conference experience is designed to enable a lot of connecting, discussion and networking, and is best achieved in person. This conference will not be delivered as a ‘hybrid’ event.

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